International Cooperation

Our approach:

International cooperation is more important than ever. It has never been more obvious that the global community can only master the complex social and ecological challenges of our time with fair and solidary cooperation and joint learning.

The IMAP team "International Cooperation" focuses on the culturally sensitive accompaniment of change processes, connectable capacity development of individuals, public and private organizations and social networks. Our working method is characterized by the systemic training of all our consultants. We are guided by the goals and principles of Agenda 2030 as well as our core principles: Participation, dialogue and the sustainable promotion of the common good. In cooperation with our clients and partner organizations, we carry out evaluations, studies, consulting, training, programs and projects as well as human resources and organizational development programs. This enables our partners to learn how to design change processes and achieve a sustainable impact.

Our evaluation unit has extensive experience with impact-oriented monitoring and evaluation systems and the implementation of benefit-oriented systemic evaluations. We are a member of the German Evaluation Society (DeGEval) and work according to its standards for evaluation: usefulness, feasibility, fairness and accuracy. In addition, we apply the OECD/DAC evaluation criteria and the DAC standards and principles when evaluating bilateral development cooperation projects.

    • Implementation of studies and evaluations (also virtual)
    • Consulting on impact-oriented monitoring and evaluation systems
    • Planning and implementation of qualification measures for national and international managers and employees (training, coaching, conferences, delegation trips)
    • Systemic consulting and accompaniment of change processes in public administration, in companies and civil society organizations
    • Combination of organizational development, innovative and agile methods as well as latest methods of empirical social research
    • Expert and process consulting in the sectors of governance and public administration, international migration, vocational training and labor market integration and economic development
    • Conception and moderation of participatory dialogue formats, workshops, trainings and conferences in presence formats and via interactive virtual platforms in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Persian and Russian
    • Conception and scaling of model projects in international contexts
    • A broad network of local actors and international experts from various methodological and technical disciplines 

    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

    Engagement Glogal gGmbH


    • Evaluation of the country program Turkey

    Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation for Freedom


    CORD Laos

    • Capacity Development Service Provider for organizations of the Laotian civil society within the GIZ program CEGGA